When Work and Family Collide

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I didn’t call today. I won’t be calling tomorrow either. My committment to my work is running headlong into conflict with my family responsibilities. No amount of money or success or any of that is going to cause me to make choices where I get to the end of life with a buch of regrets about how I conducted myself as a husband and a father.

I will say this though. I HATE school science projects.

Children who are not in junior high should NOT be doing science project. They’re really not doing them anyway. The parents are doing them. The PARENTS are designing them. The PARENTS are typing out the text for the displays and developing the pictures and all the other stuff that goes along with it. The kids are jsut along for the ride.

School science projects are nothing more than schools tipping their hat to their “emphasis on math and science” but I don’t see it providing much benefit to the kids. At BEST what is happening is that kids are seeing modeled what all goes into doing a science project themselves – but make no mistake – that is happening because the schools are FORCING the parents to do the science project in a round-about way.

Anyway. I have three kids. So we have 3 science projects that are due. One of those kids happened to have the stomach flu this weekend.

The final drop-dead time for the project to be in is Tuesday. So all work has been suspended in an effort to get this thing done. Can you say NIGHTMARE?

So no calling today and no calling tomorrow on Monday either. A silver lining to this is that I AM starting training at a new gym tomorrow. A crossfit gym. I have to take three classes before I can get going in earnest so that’s the big push for this week. Once the into classes are doing I’ll be attending the 6am classes. That’s going to help me get the jump on my day.

So good stuff on the horizon but there’s a temporary slow down in my calling. I’ll still make it to the 100 days. I’ll still track all of them. It’ll just take me longer to get there. And I’m not going to punish myself or lose sleep over it. Life’s just to dang short.

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