The Feng Shui of Calling FSBOs

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So I had a chat with this FSBO today. Part of what I ask EVERY FSBO is what direction their house faces. This is because we have a HUGE population of Asian Americans here in Metro Detroit and buying a house that faces EAST is important to them.

Some of these direction-conscious buyers want an eastward facing house because they want to live in a home that faces towards Mecca. Others want to get one because the principles of Feng shui teach that having the house face east is ideal and having a house that faces NORTH is bad. Something about the mischievous riding down on the north wind, coming in through the front of the house, grabbing up all the good luck, and then heading out the SOUTH side of the house taking all that good luck with him. At least that’s what I’ve heard. I could be wrong. Either way, this is such a COMMON CONCERN that buyers in our area are preoccupied with that I have had quite a few FSBOs tell ME themselves that buyers who have called ask which direction the house faces. On seller literally told me, “No my house does NOT face east. I wish it did because then I would have had 3 offers on it already.”

Now – if the BUYERS want to know which direction the house faces – then you’d think that I would want to know as well. Being a real estate agent and all.

So asking which direction the house faces IS a valid question based on the above, but the REAL reason I ask the question is because I want to knock them off their “let me say what I say to get this Realtor off the phone” script. I want to STOP them from digging through their mental toolbox of things to say to ME and instead redirect their thinking OFF of that and forcing them to think about which direction their house faces (many of them don’t even know) does a GREAT job of achieving that goal.

It’s a GREAT technique but every now and then though – it backfires.

If I get ahold of the FSBO within a day or two of them posting it up online, then the buyers who DO care about the direction the house faces have likely NOT given them a call yet. So my question not only knocks them off their “Get REaltor Off The Phone Script” but it also freaks them out. They will then ask why it matters and so I, of course, tell them that it’s a Feng shui thing and that many buyers care about that because of the north wind blah blah blah. I try to make it short but sometimes the explanation is lost on people. I guess they are hard-core ethnocentric or something.

So I had one of these calls today. The guy was grumpy and cantankerous and I marked him down as a Do-Not-Follow-Up anyway, but the guy actually took time out of his day to call me back on my Google Voice number and leave a message. I found it pretty funny. I also found it amusing that the guy was trying to tell me how to do MY job. Because I’m SURE that he’s taking the time to reach out by phone to drum up business when selling his OWN house. Right? Sure he is.

So here’s the voicemail he left me:

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