The Connection Between Health and Success

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I swim in a lot of pools that center around success and success principles. I read success literature. I belong to the Yes! Network – a group which brings in two success-focused speakers every other month for you to listen to and glean ideas from. I listen to business success focused podcasts such as those produced by Grant Cardone. Being a Realtor, I believe that it’s essential to belong to real estate specific success groups which is why I pay for the monthly Fearless Agent Roadmap Group Coaching and why I participate in the Fearless Agent Facebook Group.

Healthy Success

One thing that seems to only come up every now and then though is the relationship between health and success. It seems that this topic only shows up on the radar when a health guru happens to be giving a talk or is participating in an interview. In that type of setting, it only makes SENSE that the healthy-n-fitness guru giving the talk would make the point that your health is central to your ability to pursue your goals tenaciously. Other gurus seem to give token acknowledgement to the importance of health in your ability to succeed, but it’s never seems to be central to their overall message. I guess that that too, is to be expected. After all, if you are the “How to Get More Listings And Get Them Sold” expert, then if you try to be all things to all people and start putting stuff out there related to how important getting exercise every day is to your success and then start talking about the health benefits of coconut oil or the importance of eating only grass fed beef – well that might cause your main message to be less well received because it injects confusion in the minds of your target audience. You never want people to be subconsciously asking,

“Hey…is this the go-to-guy for all things related to being successful in real estate or is this the person the ‘living the healthy life as a real estate agent’ guru?”

That being said, lately I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut. I know for a fact that I perform best at work when I get up very early in the morning. Up and at ’em by 5am or earlier. There’s just a lot to do in order to get the day off on the right foot and if I get up after 6am I know for a fact that important things that fill keystone place in my life will be snipped clean out of my day. In particular, if I don’t get up early in the morning then I won’t take my dog on a walk.  If I’m going to do my short-but-intense workout at all in the day, it’ll be immediately after my walk when I’m feeling my best and the work of the day has not engulfed me.

Trouble in Eden

So here’s the thing. Lately I’ve been unable to get up early. I lay in bed until 7am in a dead sleep and then lay there in a groggy state until 7:30. Mind you, when I was hard-core cold calling I was on the PHONE at 8:15am every day.

Now we can make a lot of suggestions toward curing this but I’ve tried pretty much all of them. From going to bed ealier to moving the alarm clock to a different area so I have to get up and walk across the room, as well as the other little suggestions that are handed out freely by those who want to help.

It doesn’t matter. When the alarm goes off I walk across the room. Turn it off. Take a measurement of how I feel. Realize that I feel terrible and that I’d rather have a bit more sleep than anything else. Go back to bed. Wake up again feeling NOT awake at 7am, lay there till 7:30 and then get up knowing I’m already behind the 8-ball for the day.  Nightmare.

It wasn’t always this way.

I used to have my first alarm go off at 4:15am (which I would turn off) and then the main alarm go off 30 minutes later 4:45am. While things would be a little fuzzy at that time I would still have enough energy and drive and positive emotions to be able to get going and by 5:15 when I stepped out the door for my walk with my dog I’d have a positive outlook about my day. I KNEW that I was doing things the right way and that because my day was starting out properly with some exercise, I was doing what I needed to do where my health was concerned and that I would soon be doing what I needed to do where by business was concerned. Namely making prospecting phone calls in a high-energy, positive state of mind.

I miss that. And I think I know the culprit.

Bad food.

Being that I wanted to lose weight, I returned to my low-carb diet earlier this year. Specifically, the steak-and-eggs diet. That did quite well. Everything was going swimmingly.  Clothes started fitting better.  Wedding ring wasn’t as tight on my finger.  Good feelings all around.

But then I allowed myself to start adding other stuff in there too. Low carb “stuff” but other stuff none-the-less.

Then I started allowing myself SOME carbs. After all, Atkins says that as long as you remain below the 20-grams-of-carbs-per-day threshold, you’ll still do great. Sweetened creamer is only 5g of carbs and it’s nice to have some flavor in your coffee in the morning. Then there was a little this and that. Then more this and that.  All of a sudden, a few weeks ago my vacation was on the horizon. Now I know for a fact that I will NEVER bother with trying to “eat healthy” while on vacation. That’s an exercise in futility and because it’s so frustrating it threatens to ruin entire vacation because all you can think about whenever it’s time to eat something is how you’re so irritated about what you CAN’T EAT while on vacation that you end up not enjoying your vacation.  Other family members catch on to your irritability and then it causes THEIR vacation experience to take a couple steps down.  So being a “diet Nazi” while on vacation is likely to impact others for the worse and ruin your entire purpose for going on vacation in the first place.

So a week and a half before my vacation I fell off the wagon completely. After all, if I was going to be drinking pop and eating fudge while visiting beautiful South Haven, Michigan…what does it matter if I have some ice cream at night again before heading off to the west coast of the Great Lakes State?

Then I went ON the vacation.  I rarely drink soda pop while at home, but while on vacation?  Ice cream has not been in the house for months, but while on vacation?  Arby’s while in the car and Doritos, pasta salad, Lucky Charms while in the cabin…it was a junk food free-for-all.  Coming back didn’t improve things either.  Since returning I’ve been in a food funk.  After all, when you stop eating right for a while and know you’re going to START eating right shortly, well that buffer time turns into a space where you are just going to “get your bad eating in while the gettin’ is good because this gravy train is about to come to screeching halt” – and that buffer time doesn’t have any definite end point.  So this past weeks it’s been All-You-Can-Eat chinese while having lunch with my mom, pizza buffet with the kids before going to the carnival, all that kinda thing.

In short, since returning from vacation I’ve never gotten back to a proper routine in ANY area of my life. Eating right. Exercise. Work. I’ve been in this horrid state. What a nightmare.

I’m pretty much convinced that it all originates from the bad food. I eat the bad food and my body feels TERRIBLE in the morning. That low energy state makes it nigh unto impossible for me to get up early like I prefer to do. If I don’t get up early the day takes over and exercise doesn’t happen. If exercise doesn’t happen I feel worse – both because I’m missing the physical benefits and because mentally I know that I’m letting myself down.  Poor nutrition and zero exercise means that I’m not bringing my A-game to the office and every area of my business suffers….starting with prospecting.

So in conclusion, I think that what you shove into your body has a much bigger impact on your overall success in life than most people admit because how your body reacts to your nutrition will kick off a chain reaction in every other area of your life.  That chain reaction can be positive or it can be negative but none of us are superhuman and thinking that we can abuse our bodies over time and still achieve our greatest dreams is just compound foolishness.

What am I going to do about it?  Well it’s back to the steak-n-eggs diet for me.

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