Seeking the Promised Land

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In my last blog post I fully and finally exposed the major problems that go along with launching a full-blown FSBO follow up plan.  All the stuff that has to be done right that has nothing to do with scripts and everything to do with building a follow up sequence and then implementing it.  I wrapped up by talking about how FSBOs and Expireds are the “survival food” of the real estate industry but that agents everywhere are listing to gurus and area laying plans to build the next 5 years of their business around these types of low quality, short-term-for-survival-only lead soureces.

Agents are actually PLANNING to try and live on survival food for their whole lives.  It becomes the core of their business.  Heck I set out to make it the core of MY business.

That’s a Problem

Thankfully, my coach Bob Loeffler has turned me on to a better path earlier this year.  Then a broker from California that I’ve never met doubled down on what Bob told me and confirmed that the Promised Land exists.

It’s not a myth like the Lost City of Atlantis.

Unfortunately, the path to the Promised Land is not a quick fix.  It DOES take time.  Just like anything in real estate that is worth doing.  Still, it’s should be – no it HAS TO BE – the focus for every Realtor who wants to see the type of consistent growth in their business that eliminates the feast-and-famine cycle once and for all.

I myself have been putting together ANOTHER system to tackle THAT in an organized and systematic way.  Because the coaches get paid to give you great ideas and great ideas always seem great because they seem like they’ll be easy to implement.  Just do it and you’ll be up and running next week.

Or will you?

Most agents never get to the Promised Land because they’re given the vision and never given the systematic way to get it done.  Even the “blueprints” out there are not really blueprints.  They just give you more detail.

Do this!

But they don’t tell you the EXACT STEPS to actually DO that thing.  Whatever it happens to be.  Want an example?  Here you go:

Guru: You need to follow up frequently by phone, mail, email, social media, and even personal visits.  Everywhere the prospect is – that’s where you want to be.  You want to dominate their thinking.  If you’re prospecting for FSBOs then you can’t half-ass it.  You need to do it at a HIGH LEVEL so that you become the ONE agent that most dominates that prospect’s thinking when their brain pulls up the concept of “real estate agent”.

You: YEAH!  That sounds great!  Makes sense too.  But step by step right?  Let’s take just one of those things.  How should I do the mail part of it?

Guru: You need to either mail them postcards or sequential mail.  Postcards are good because at least they see your face and message before they throw it away but sequential mail is better overall – if you do it right, do it consistently, and know how to get them to OPEN the envelope.

You: Super.  So how do I “do it right”?  What do I need to do to make sure that they open the letter?


And that’s where it breaks down.  The conversation doesn’t actually have to be REAL either.  The “guru” could be saying “Do This” on a YouTube video you’re watching or on a webinar or on a podcast you’re listening to.  It sounds GREAT but in order to tell you what you really need to know on follow up they really need to be able to:

  • Tell you how to use Realty Juggle or a difference CRM – from the ground up.  Expect to spend time learning that.
  • Explain that you need to hand address blind envelopes to get a good open rate. Don’t know what that is? Well that’s more “stuff” that you need to spend time researching.
  • Help you understand that you can’t just send something that says, “Hey, you ready to list yet?”  But rather you need to “bring value” with every communication you send.  But you don’t have any of that ready to go do you?  So that means they have to…
  • Either give you (I mean SELL YOU) letters and articles or tell you to do them up yourself.  Nice.
  • Actually help you get them uploaded into Realty Juggler or your other CRM.
  • Actually help you learn how to create a drop campaign in your CRM.
  • Actually help you learn how to systematically get prospects from initial phone call INTO the mail campaign and launched.
  • And the list goes on and on…

Oh, and don’t forget that they don’t tell you how to UNDO those steps SYSTEMATICALLY when the prospect lists with another agent.

So it’s up to YOU to do the dirtly work and build the machine.  More creativity.  More time stolen from other things that need to get done.  But THIS needs to get done too.   You need to do the work necessary to put you on the path to the Promised Land or else you’ll never get there.  You’ll be given the dream but you’ll never walk the road.

Getting to the Promised Land really IS all about your database.  Your database and how you actually work it on a day-by-day basis to produce a specific result.  The database is the actual PATH to the Promised Land.  The working-it-every-day is taking the actual steps down that path.

Where Does that Path Lead?

What’s so special about that path anyway?  Where does it lead?  Why is it worth investing the time/money/effort to get there?

It’s People Calling YOU – Not YOU calling people.

People calling you out of the blue each and every week of each and every month saying something like:

“Hey Brian.  My husband and I have been thinking about moving and So-n-So told me to give you a call.  He said great things about your approach to helping make that happen for people in our area.”

Referral calls.  Come-List-Me calls.  THAT is the Holy Grail of Real Estate and that does NOT happen – it will NEVER happen – if the lion’s share of your prospecting time is spent calling the wrong people.  Who are the wrong people?



Cold Calls.

Don’t get me wrong – the phone NEVER loses it’s significance.  On the path to the Promised Land it’more important than ever.  You will never hear me say on this blog that you can just turn to some internet lead-capture-page and it will auto-feed people into some magic done-for-you email drip campaign and all you have to do is buy some ads from Google or Facebook pushing people to that site and then just wait for the people on your drip campaign to ring you up with a Come-List-Me call.

That’s wishful thinking.  That’s real estate agents telling themselves their favorite sweet little lies.  The ones where the end of the story is them never having to pick up the phone and make outbound calls ever again.  That’s fantasy land.  Pleasure Island.  Don’t end up being another Agent Jackass living on Pleasure Island just waiting to be hauled away to the mines.


In conclusion. let me say that I am continuing to do my FSBO calls.  I prospect through them every week.  They get put on my follow up system now that it’s finally flushed out after being in the design phase for fully eight months.  I’m not going to set that beast aside anytime soon.  But there IS a plan to set it aside.  But it’s pretty clear at this point that making outbound calls to FSBOs and then following up on a massive scale will never allow me to build the kind of life that I want.  It’s the Promised Land that will do that.  And where phone prospecting is concerned – the Promised Land will ev will eventually take up ALL of one’s prospecting hours.  All of it.

There will be no time for calling FSBOs.  There will be no time for calling Expireds.  There won’t even be time to follow up on leads that someone ELSE generates for you.  The Promised Land is a MILLION DOLLARS generated every four months – and it’s all built on relationships.  Stick around and we’ll get there.  Like this page on Facebook so you get priority notification when I post updates in the future.  It’ll take time.  There’s not an unlimited supply of that.  But there’s enough.  I’ll be back soon with more.

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