Rich People Are Different

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Adventures in Cold Calling #34

I’m going to make today’s post short. Rich people are different. I don’t know why this is but it’s true. You call people who live in $150,000 homes all the way up to $600,000 homes and you get this feeling that as a whole they are all “nice people”. They don’t put on airs, they don’t look down their nose at you, they don’t want you to jump through a bunch of hoops to “prove that you have what it takes to sell THEIR home”.

This isn’t the case with rich people. I’ve NEVER called into a neighborhood made up of $250,000 houses and have people utter the words “Well, how much area they looking to spend?” Cross the million dollar mark and this question pops up on every other call where you don’t get a brush-off “no”. Rich people think of themselves as exceptional and as such they’re almost surprised that someone might want to buy a million dollar home. As if million dollar homes don’t close every day all across America.

[insert_php] $path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; $path .= “/images/fbpromo.html”; include_once($path); [/insert_php]Also, I’ve only had people threaten litigation against me when calling through areas where people have money. This happened to me THREE TIMES today. In one day. That did not happen for the previous two months and then three times today.

I don’t like people that think that they’re better than others. I also don’t like people who essentially “have power” and then wield that power as a weapon to beat down others.

So with most people who get upset at me calling, I just tell them that I’ll add them to my in-house Do-Not-Call list and say goodbye. Rich jerks though, I feel like they need to be put in their place. Now I have people tell me that they are on the DNC list every day. Most of them are fantastically nice about it though. There’s a discernible difference between how normal people express their desire not to be contacted again and the way that the superior do. Call enough people and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So when these types of people start blasting off about how “they’re on the Do Not Call list” instead of saying that I won’t call back and moving on to the next, I choose to waste some time with them. I point out that the DNC only applies to telemarketers and that telemarketing is defined as someone who sells something over the phone. I point out that my services consist of listing homes for sale and representing buyers who are looking for a home to purchase. I’ll ask if I offered to list their home then snap to asking if I offered to help them buy one. Then I’ll interrupt their offended response that they’re beginning to get off and say, “Well ma’am, since we are both in agreement that I didn’t offer to sell you my services over the phone, what are you going to pay good money to an attorney to do? You’re going to sue me for NOT selling you something over the phone?”

Then I add them to my Do Not Call List. I wouldn’t work with better-than-thous like this anyway. We wouldn’t get along.

Call Tracker

I did not make any calls yesterday even though my listing appointment rescheduled freeing up my evening. The reason is that we had a nasty wind storm and it knocked out my internet. No internet = no Mojo = no calling. I’ll NEVER hand dial for leads. Ever. I’d find another way to get leads before I did that.

Today the internet was still dead when I got up so I had to make an emergency run into my office where I set up and got to calling at 8:20. I got two leads through my cold calling efforts today, so I’m glad that I did. Also, yesterday’s appointment that got rescheduled…I went out there and signed that listing up tonight.

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