November 23rd Weekly Roundup

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I was able to put together a few more update info packs this morning and headed out this afternoon to try and finish off the week’s worth of field work. The result was that I was able to get almost all of the initial CMA drop-offs which have backed up over the past few weeks. Nice.

Cold Calling & Follow Up

This week saw some personal records for me. On the cold calling side I was able to round up more 30-90 day leads than any other single week before. Same with contacts-per-hour, though not by much. On the follow up side of things, I saw new PRs on face-to-face meetings in one week as well as info packs made. I guess the two go hand-in-hand though, right?

Mojo Contest

The Mojo contest is still going strong. Lucky is out in front with more than 13,000 calls. Hector & Craig are neck-and-neck hovering just north and south of 12,500. I’m at 8,000 calls and rank in at #5. That’s a pretty big gap between myself and the leaders.

Part of me wonders how things are playing out in the real world of business for those at the top of the leader board. Knowing what I know, it would seem that putting up those types of numbers would require between 5 and 6 hours of prospecting per day. If calling starts at 8am and calls go straight through with no break for lunch then that means prospecting isn’t done until 1pm or 2pm. If you get a late start, closer to 9am…then calls are not getting If someone takes a break for lunch then that means 2pm or 3pm.

Let’s think about this. It’s dark at 5pm. The “business day” is pretty much over at 3pm. This sort of puts some questions out there. Like how all the other stuff that goes with real estate gets done when one is on the phone all day. You know…all THAT stuff. Me thinks that it’s not getting done.

Tomorrow I have a closing a 10am. I have to review docs prior to that and drive into the office. The buyer has some concerns that have to be addressed prior to closing so I said I’d been there early. So no calling in the morning. I also have a listing presentation at 6pm. Kinda far away. That means no evening calling session. Calling during the middle of the day is a waste of phone numbers, so that’s not going to happen either. Besides, I’ll have to prep for the evening listing presentation. THAT is the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

So there won’t be any prospecting tomorrow.

I’ll put up 1,000 calls between Tuesday and Wednesday which will bring me to 9,000. I’ve got a plan to do a marathon on Friday and then a normal calling day on Saturday. This months is on track for just over 10,000 calls…which is good.

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