My New Follow Up Process

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My New Follow Up Process Part 1 – The Struggle

If you have read my previous posts on follow up, then you know that this is an area of my business which I’ve struggled with. Mostly this strain has been caused by my own crazy belief that I’m a follow up Hercules which can do any amount of heavy lifting where follow up is concerned including such ideas as doing face-to-face follow up with EVERY lead EVERY two weeks.

That was a joke.

So I’ve had to revise my process a number of times. The problem is that this is never easy. Every time I have to change gears and retool my follow up system, it requires what amounts to a MASSIVE investment of creativity and a very large commitment of time to get the process worked out and the materials and systems in place to run it. If that system doesn’t work, then it’s back to the drawing board all over again.  Oh, and don’t ever lie to yourself and say,

“Hey, I’ll just buy a series of template letters and put them in a mail program and press the ‘Launch’ button. I’ll be up and running in an hour – tops.”

That’s the kind of crazy thinking that produces sub-par results which requires you to go back later and retool the process AFTER you have 200+ leads dropped into it. You do crappy up-front system set up work and then you have to manually go into all 200 of the leads which have been assigned bad steps or bad letters or bad whatever and you have manually fix each step – for each lead.

Can you say nightmare?

So you do have to take the time to build out your follow up sequence so that you don’t have a much, MUCH greater time suck on your hands later when you have to go back through and fix stuff on a massive scale.

I’ve done this four times now (I think – maybe more) and I’ll be glad to be done with the creative phase and move on to pure implementation. I’m almost there now, I’ve only really got one piece of the puzzle still missing as of March 2015 and I plan to have that last piece in place by May.  I’ll touch on that in a later post.

I don’t know how many parts there will be to this mini-series, but I promise to keep putting them out until the whole thing is finished.  So come back for more.

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