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In December, I pretty much cut my prospecting activities back to the bone. Instead of working IN my business by shoving more leads into the pipe, I chose to work ON my business. This came in the form of re-vamping my follow up process to a degree as well as tweaking my website. Family activities also dominated the time-scape to a much greater degree than I would have thought. Or perhaps it was just that I was paying attention.

The first week of January is past and I’m working full steam right now, but follow up is still playing a front-and-center role right now. I probably won’t get back into my “groove” until the second half of this month. I’m focusing on follow up. Particularly, touching base with people I have NOT met in the past.

150110-lead-mapThe map to the right shows all of my lead follow up activity in a visual format. With the exception of 11 new leads I put into the system this week, I have physically driven to every one of these homes. The leads are kind of clustered so you can’t see all of the pins on the map, but the black ones are those I’ve not met yet, the blue those I have met but are further down on the horizon, and the red are those I’ve met and which I feel are most likely to pull the trigger in the next 90 days.

Winter follow up is going to be a challenge. The wind chill here is 15 below. Snow is everywhere. I have no proper boots for this mess. Nice.

Today is Saturday. I have a listing appointment at noon and should probably be buying proper footwear before showing up there. I have over 30 drop-offs that need to be done either today or tomorrow and 11 of them are first-time visits which require me to build out CMAs. That’s not done yet.

Do I believe that I should be calling? Yes. Do I feel bad that I’m not? Only slightly and THAT is because of this phantom sense of peer pressure from people in the cold-calling community that are a little more hard-core than I am. So my shame about not getting on the phone is not even properly placed shame.

Some choose more calling. I choose follow up. Following up on the leads you DO have is more important than trying to find NEW leads. At least in my book. So no calling this weekend. Just getting a new listing signed up and getting my follow up completed.

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