March 2015 In Review

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You’ve all noticed that I’ve not been posting as much. This is because my real estate life has been going through a lot of changes. If you look at the monthly activity report below you’ll see that there has been pretty much ZERO activity this month. It’s hard to post consistent updates about prospecting if your prospecting is on hold.

My involvement with the Fearless Agent coaching program has me super-charged with confidence when going on listing appointments, but my phone prospecting has been a mixed bag of results.

There’s been a lot of rejection – but that’s to be expected, right? I’ve been tackling the FSBOs via phone and it feel like I’m getting nothing but push-back. While my Fearless Agent listing presentation and Fearless Agent Pricing presentation has been working like gangbusters, when I call the FSBOs and stick to the script, THEY don’t seem to understand that they’re suppose to follow THEIR part of the script and allow me to schedule an appointment. That bothers me. And while I know that you’re suppose to “stick with what your coach tells you” and all that, I’m not winning any hearts and mind by not getting in the door.

One of the pieces of advice that I did take from Bob though was that if ever given the opportunity to get some training from Floyd Wickman, jump on it. Some guys in my office are doing that and are reviewing the CD audios twice per week and stuff. So I’ve joined them.

One of the eye-opening things that came through that was to stop trying to close for a listing appointment with a FSBO over the phone and instead just try to meet them and preview the house. Let the rest come later. I happen to like this idea.

So I spent pretty much a week working the business I had and then re-tooling my FSBO approach for using a “just meet ’em to tour the house” approach.

Yesterday I got on the phone and talked with 4 people in 30 minutes. Two were not in the area and would not drive in just to meet me at the house and have a tour but DID say that if they have a buyer showing they’ll give me a call so I can piggy-back on their trip in to see those buyers. The last one though DID allow me to set an appointment for tomorrow evening.

This was a much, MUCH easier phone call.

So I’ve reworked the #FearlessAgent listing presentation so that I drop in the value proposition AFTER I’m in the door an have met the people. I put it out there almost in passing. The plan with my revised listing presentation approach is to get THEM to ask ME to stay longer and “show them how I work”.

If I can go on two of these per day then my bet is that I can get two saleable listings every week. But I have to get in the door. So we’ll see how this goes.

I’ve been spending so much time on this FSBO thing that I’ve not called the Expireds at all. I have to do that this coming month. Tomorrow is the 1st so it’ll be a great day to get started with that.

March 2015 Activity Tracker

I really didn’t track my numbers as well as normal this month. It’s harder to do when calling FSBOs and doing a bunch of follow up calls in addition to the cold calls, so the figures below are not accurate. I did go on three appointments though, but two were for the same couple. They still have not made a decision on who they are going to hire yet. The third signed up with me.

March 2015 Activity Tracker

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