I Am A Fearless Agent

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Just back from a listing appointment.  Seller was a cold call lead I got back in October.  They were in my minimalist follow up system…not even getting my main, all-out-assault follow up series.

I’m using the Fearless Agent Listing Presentation and the Fearless Agent Pricing Presentation now.  This was the first time I got to present both in one single session.  Seller signed up and agreed to $5,000 price reductions every 2 weeks, just like the system said they would.

Praise God.  At least some training you buy works the way it’s suppose to work.  

I mean, seriously.  I’m a NOTORIOUSLY easy sell.  I will buy most stuff if I believe it will help me in any way.  In fact, I drive my wife nuts because whenever I go to buy anything I always just want to buy the highest quality whatever-it-is without giving much (if any) consideration to the other choices. My experience has been that anything but the best isn’t worth buying. I mean…it MIGHT be worth buying….but more often it’s not. And it’s not worth the time/hassle/disappointment that comes with buying the NOT-best version of whatever-it-is and then having to go back and buy the BEST version all over again anyway. I hate that. HATE. So I’m known for buying the highest quality I can afford. And if I can’t afford the highest quality at the time…I just don’t buy at all and will wait until I CAN afford the one I want. I’m patient.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t implement MOST of the stuff advocated by the gurus who’s stuff I buy.  Maybe a something here and there…but whatever.  I also don’t consistently employ the stuff I do get off the launch pad.  So when I actually DO commit to something and do it and it blows up in my face and doesn’t work the way it’s suppose to work…that’s really a bummer.

What makes it even more disappointing though is that it happens so often that you kinda EXPECT that you’ll “do the thing” and then it’ll blow up on you.

This is probably the biggest reason why people check some business system or technique out and then never bother to use it.  Their experience tells them that 100% of all gurus tell you that their stuff will work but only 20% have stuff that acutally works.  So whenever you consider doing something new you end up subconsciously evaluating it.  Your brain is running trade-off calculations in the background that you are not even aware of.  “Hmmmm…” your brain says, “This looks kinda good but there’s an 80% chance it’s going to be nothing but smoke and vapor.  Nope.  Not spending actual time or effort on a full commitment to something that has a 80% chance of failing.”

Seriously.  If you buy self-help, self-improvement, heres-how-to-make-your-business-better stuff…then by now you are at the point that if you don’t believe that “the thing” being sold to you (whatever that might be) is so brain-dead-stupid guaranteed to NOT fail as long as you take action…you’re just NOT gonna do it.

That’s how I feel about the Fearless Agent program.  Everything in it is so dialed in to the subconscious voice running its mouth in the sellers mind that it gives you an unfair advantage over the competition.

For example.  My seller that just signed up.  What did he say to me at the end when signing docs?  He said, “Listen.  Earlier when you asked me if I would sign up to do business today.  I said I had to wait.  Let me tell you what chanced my mind.  When you said that we should start at the HIGHEST price possible before doing anything else instead of trying to low-ball me, then I KNEW that you were looking for the most money for me.  That’s when I knew you were the guy I wanted to hire for the job.”

All the little things that make up the Listing Presentation and the Pricing Presentation…that stuff is all 100% dialed in and locked on.  It addresses 99% of all the questions/objections that a seller has or might have and just tables them before they bring them up.

Right now, I’m about as happy as I’ve ever been.  I feel like I have a secret weapon.  A “gadget” that I can use to consistently get business as long as I go to work.  And it’s not a “gadget” at all.  It’s a skill.

Before I signed up for this program, I didn’t have that.  I was winging it through listing presentations.  I knew my approach to listings was foolish.  I just didn’t know any better and I wasn’t going to spend my money on anything dammit.  Because I was tired of buying stuff.  When I listened to the free Fearless Agent coaching calls though, it became CLEAR that this…this THING was different.  That it WOULD work.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Bob Loeffler’s approach to selling real estate was the BEST approach.  The only thing that I was bummed about was that I had to wait around to get some money to come in so I could sign up for both coaching programs.  You get all the materials for free when you sign up for On-Demand coaching.

I swear to God it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.  Once you see it in action, once you see the effect of the words on the minds/hearts/attitudes of the seller, you realize that The Fearless Agent approach can’t NOT work.

We all hear people say stuff like, “There’s no magic pill.”  But the truth is, that in the real estate business….there really IS a magic pill.

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