FTF #5 – The Face of Face-to-Face Follow Up

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You know what drives me nuts about gurus? They misrepresent things that require a significant investment of time or money as overly simple and cheap. Let me go over a few examples:

  • Every client should get a hand-written, hand address greeting card on their birthday and on the anniversary of the purchase of their new home.  After all, closing days is “your” special day together as their agent, why would you NOT celebrate it?  It just makes sense to let ALL your past clients know you’re thinking of them.
  • Make sure you send out Just Listed cards on every home you list so the neighborhood knows you listed that house.
  • Make sure you send out Just Sold cards on every home you sell so the neighborhood knows that you actually go the job done.
  • Send Just Sold cards to all your prospects in your Follow Up system when you sell a house.  They might not be in the same subdivision as the home that sold, but getting the card serves as proof that you’re selling homes and that gives them more confidence to give you a call when they’re ready to list.
  • Send a branded magazine to all your past clients AND all your current Follow Up prospects every other month.  Something like American Lifestyle Magazine.
  • Blog – write blog posts.  Lots of them.  Until you COMPLETELY run out of real estate related stuff to blog about and start jumping the shark by offering decorating advice and other stuff that does not help you own the little bit of mind space each person has set aside for the idea of “real estate professional”.  That is, just blog to blog even if you don’t have anything worth saying.
  • VIDEO – video is the name of the game.  It’s super powerful.  Oh, and don’t just do video to do video…you need to do HIGH QUALITY video.  Go ahead winners.  Start running down that rabbit trail and figuring out how to run a Canon 5D Mark III with L-Glass wide angle lenses.  Start learning about how audio is more important than the video itself so learn about off-body microphones and merging separte audio tracks with the video audio tracks.  In fact, start learning all things Adobe.  Not just Photoshop and Light Room.  Getting certified on those should pretty much be a requirement before you are allowed to sit for you state licensing exam.  I mean get familiar with Premier Pro, After Effects, and Audition.  Don’t worry if the learning curve is crazy steep, that the equipment is crazy expensive, and you probably don’t have a ton of cash to throw at all this much less float you through life while you get this stuff all figured out so you can create a VIDEO blog that’s going to power up your ability to communicate via the web and cement your relationship with both clients and prospects from the comfort of your in-home video studio.

All this stuff is either expensive or ridiculously time intense.  All of it requires separate systems to be created and layered over your basic calling and follow up systems and, again, needs to be done in such a way that the task are not done sporadically but consistently.  Where are you going to get the time for all that?  Answer: You’re not.  At least not until you have a fat bank roll that you can use to hire talent to help you.  So I take the pledge not to do that to you. I’m going to shoot straight and give you the real skinny on what all goes into both the cold calling and the subsequent follow up.

Follow up is a LOT of work.

27 October 2014 Info Packets

24 Info Packs

See the picture above? That’s what 24 info packs looks like. Again, those are for last week and I finally got around to driving to those prospect’s homes to actually deliver them. If I look in Evernote right now I’ll most likely discover that an equal number reports that need to be created and then delivered THIS week.  Making those packets takes time.  Not so much time that it doesn’t make sense to do it at all (which is the case with creating a video blog all by your lonesome) but a really good amount of time.  And as I add more leads into the pipe, I’m going to be constantly making more and more of these each week.  Fifty per week is probably going to become the new normal by Christmas of 2015.  So on this front there’s a real time commitment in prepping up for the Personal Visits.

Oh, and didn’t I just say that I need to start doing 10 Follow Up Calls each day that I work in the last Full Throttle Follow Up post that I put up here? How come that’s not getting done?

I’ll about that in the next edition of Full Throttle Follow UP.

Follow Up Tracker

27 October 2014 Follow Up Tracker

27 October 2014

Let me just say that I DO realized that I got slightly mixed up last week and did two Cold Calling posts in a row which messed up the whole every-other-day flow for both that series and Full Throttle Follow Up.  I’m not going back.  Only moving forward.  This little wrinkle should iron itself out by the end of the week.

So again, no follow up calls done today but I was able to make it to a bunch of these PVs and drop of info packs.  I made it to 17 before it started getting dark.  I didn’t end up dropping off one of them as both Google Maps and Bing Maps pointed to the wrong house in the sub and thus I had a snapshot of the wrong house on the cover of the Cloud CMA.  I’m going back out tomorrow to drop off all the rest of these tomorrow so I’ll just print up a new cover for that one and make sure I’m at their door tomorrow.

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