FTF #7 – Halloween Fun Facts

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Today is Halloween and this year the school scheduled one of their teacher professional development days today – so my kids are all at home. It’s very loud in my house.

It’s about 11:00am and I’m pretty much writing the rest of the day off. No more cold calling and no more follow up calls. I WILL be making info packets up for handing out tomorrow though.

Here’s a fun Infographic with fun facts about Halloween if you’re interested:

Halloween Infographic

Remember that discounted candy and costumes can be had cheap tomorrow. Buy for next year. That’s what my wife does and it work out really well.

Follow Up Tracker

So again, I’ve not been doing my follow up properly. This is actually an issue that is going to be addressed this week with a new action plan for next week. I’ll be touching on that in my next Full Throttle Follow Up post.

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