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Full Throttle Follow Up #16


Had a lot on my plate today.  Didn’t make it through all the calls today though I did end up splitting it up between morning and evening calling sessions.

I did get a call-back from one of the leads I first contacted earlier this month.  Dropped off the CloudCMA in the snow – no answer when I knocked.  But I guess they liked the info and so I’m going out there on Wednesday.

These particular sellers need to find a new place on the north side of town.  Working with buyers is…a little bit out of my comfort zone.  I’m going to be honest.  I’ve had enough negative experiences with buyers that it clouds my concept of what working with buyers is suppose to be.  I’m actually going to call my coach about this tomorrow.

Daily Activity Report

23 February 2015 Cold Call Tracker

You can see that the calls were down below the 100 contact threshold where they were suppose to be.  But it’s been a while since I’ve been able to pull an appointment out of my cold calling lead bucket, so I wanted to make sure I documented it.

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