Met More Sellers Than Ever Today

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Full Throttle Follow Up #13

Today turned out to be a good day for follow up. While I was only able to make 13 stops, I actually met 8 people face-to-face. That’s a new record for the number of face-to-face contacts in one day. Hootie hoo!

One of the prospects was a super nice retired lady who invited me in to take a quick tour of her home. You always have to love that. The house is in great condition, but it probabaly would matter much. It’s in Downtown Plymouth which is the hottest area in Wayne County. It’s a 2 bedroom home and these are constantly being snatched up by builders who tear the down and build new, large homes in their place.

A Recurring Issue

[insert_php] $path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; $path .= “/images/fbpromo.html”; include_once($path); [/insert_php]There’s this little thing that has been showing up which I have yet to figure out how to address. Namely that people need a place to move TO when they want to sell their home.

All the real estate coaches stress the importance of being a listing agent. Mike Ferry in his Superstar Interviews always asks his coaching agents what their ratio of buyer side sales vs listing side sales is and cheers them more and more the closer that figure gets to the 100% mark in favor of listings. He hates buyer side transactions.

But what do you do with people that don’t know where they are going to move to?

This is a very real issue. This nice lady needs some help finding a condo closer to where her daughter lives. So I’ll help her get started on that. Another retired lady in Northville who ALSO wants to find a condo wants to move but will not do so until the buy-side of things is buttoned up.

The majority of my listings seem to come from people that don’t need to find the “next house”. They’re moving out of state, moving into a new construction home, etc. So this issue of finding the next house seems out-of-the-ordinary to me but I’m guessing it is as common as the day is long.

Anyway, I have to figure out how I’m going to address this side of things without allowing my listing-side focus to be derailed.

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