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Adventures in Cold Calling #42

Now that I’m calling Prime Groups, I discovered that there really CAN be too much of a good thing.

What I’m talking about is Mojo’s Triple-Line dialing capability.  When you get into a nice groove when calling, the dialer creates a rhythm that allows you to talk with more people more quickly.  While you’re talking with one person while using a super-short script, the dialer is calling two other people.  As soon as you hang up with someone that tells you they’re “not interested” it seems like Mojo patches you right through to the next person.

This can get jammed up though.  What I mean by that is you can get “double connects” going.  What is a double connect you ask?  Well if you’re on the line with someone and Mojo connects Line #2 or Line #3 through to someone else, well you can’t be on the phone with two people at once, so the software plays your pre-recorded message telling them you’ll call right back.  When you hang up with Person #1, Mojo will then call the person who got the message back immediately.  ONLY that person will be called.

Now a lot of the time that person just won’t answer.  So you just end up sitting there sucking on your thumb until Mojo moves past that number and starts dialing on 3 lines again.

What this means to you is that you want to AVOID this whole “double connect” scenario as much as possible because when you fall into it you are essentially backed down to a single-line dialer.  It will take you out of a good workflow and slow down your calling efforts significantly.

The thing that will cause this to happen more than anything else is to use a script that is NOT super-short.  If you use “deep probing” scripts to try and flush out hidden motivation on the part of the person talking on the other end of the line, you will be hitting double-connects all the time.

Another cause for double-connects just so happens to be calling a really hot list.  If EVERYONE is answering, then you can’t help but be put through to two people on a fairly consistent basis.  So when calling Prime Groups, this becomes a factor.

The solution to this is simple to back Mojo down and call on the 2-line dialer instead of the triple line dialer.  It works and it’s how I’ve handled the situation since being able to call these homemade groups over the past week.

Daily Call Tracker

Feb 10th 2014 Cold Call Tracker

So you can see that today the pickup rate wasn’t as high as on previous days.  It wasn’t even kissing 40% much less pushing into the deep 45%+ range.  The long and short of it is that when calling Prime Groups, you’re not getting a silver bullet.  Some days are going to be better than others.  That being said, I never once cracked 30% for a day’s total contact rate when calling raw lists.

Let’s not forget to point out that I DID get some leads today too.  It just reinforces the idea that even though I talked with these people 6 months ago and they said they were NOT thinking of selling…well they are now.  So it wasn’t a waste of time to call the same people again.

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