Days #60-65

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Day #60 – Day #65 of 100 Days of Prospecting

So right now there’s not really a lot to talk about.  Not a lot to share.  Since I posted last I’ve done 6 days of calling but 3 of those have been super-short days where I only made follow up phone calls.

I’ve had a lot of rejection of late, which has me down a bit I think.  Tons of leads just completely changing their plans when I call them back and shelving moving completely.  Had one appointment set which, when I called to confirm the time, said that they changed their mind and decided to go with a different agent.  Another appointment has put things off again and again because of schedule and I’ve got the feeling that that one has died on the vine too.

So not a lot of good news for me right now where getting business actually signed up is concerned.

Also, tomorrow is going to be April 1st.  And I just wrapped up Day #65.  That means that even if I called every single day in April I would only be able to get to Day #95 on May 1st.  Bottom line?  I’m not going to have reached the goal of calling 100 days until sometime in May.  Which is a bit frustrating.

Change of Flow

I’ve decided that I’m going to just do these types of “burst posts” like this one here where I cover a number of days all in one go.  There’s really not a lot to share on any given day of calling anyway.  It’s really just work.  Simple, mindless work in fact.  I can’t imagine that if you were sitting in a secruity camera room at some Kohl’s department store watching security cameras all day that there would be very much to write about on a daily basis either.

So from now on it’s going to be burst posts of 3 or more days all bundled into one.

The Numbers





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