Days 56-59

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Day #56 – Day #59 of 100 Days of Prospecting

Again, no consistency here.  Which is frustrating to a degree.  Last week I did a big push and went through a lot of my leads that needed CMAs done up and sent out and did that.  It took forever.  Way WAY longer than I would have ever thought possible.  Even with CloudCMA

This was a major logjam for me.  I couldn’t really call people back to follow up with them if I had told them I was going to send them a report on what homes in their area had sold…and had not yet sent it.  So essentially my follow up calls were all in limbo.  It took a good amount of effort to get that fixed.

Now I have 35+ follow up calls that can be made.  I called some of them today and got on the phone this morning and did a dialing session.  Didn’t get to 100 contacts though.

On the Bright Side

My listing that went under contract passed inspection and the appraisal happened late last week.  My new listing has over 40 showings on it in just over a week on the market and today we got an offer.  The reason why it took so long to get the offer is that it’s a 1978 house with all original kitchen and bathrooms.  The basement was messy too.  The people looking consistently provided feedback that they wanted something that is move-in ready.

The Numbers




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