Day #55

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Day #55 of 100 Days of Prospecting

So if you’re following along, you’ve noticed that I dropped off the radar for about 10 days.  During that time I’ve not been calling either.  That doesn’t really square with the whole “100 days of calling” thing, now does it?

The reason for my absence is that I’ve been working on a face-to-face networking program.  This past month I went on two listing appointments that came about simply because people who are at my church know me.  Classic “come list me calls”.  It was really REALLY nice to get those.

They are the polar opposite of the cold call leads have to be followed up by ME again and again in order to get the listing appointment.  Very rarely do they just give me a ring when they are ready.  It does happen, but not enough.  I realized that if I want to get more “come list me” calls then I need to have at least some form of purposeful networking program up and running.  So I’ve been working on that for a week.  Maybe I’ll touch on it later.

In the meant time I did call yesterday.  Pickup rate was terrible and I’m only calling on one line because I need to be able to multi-task and “do other stuff” while dialing and I really can’t do that when I’m running two dialers.  I’m probably going to shut the second dialer down today and not bother to power it back up until my networking program is off the ground and I don’t have to do stuff while calling in order to get it launched.

Finally, I actually DID get a “come list me” call from one of my cold call leads today.  So like I said earlier, it does happen…it just doesn’t seem to happen very often.

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