Day #51

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Day #51 of 100 Days of Prospecting

So the awards banquet went well last night.  Had a good time and hung out with good people.  Great seeing so many people doing so well.

Let me tell you one great thing about being in real estate – and RE/MAX in particular.  MOST of the people who are living in America today have pretty much ZERO expectation that they’ll ever earn $100k per year.  Those that do think they’ll achieve that mile stone believe that they’ll pretty much get there 10 years before they retire which means they expect to get all the coin when they don’t have kids to raise who need it.

MOST men in particular believe that they’ll ALWAYS have to have their wife work in order to keep their family going strong.  There’s no plans for living a really epic life all on one income….because everyone knows that starts at $100k and they don’t plan on seeing that level of income show up in their bank account alone.  If the household ever is going to a achieve six figure income level it’s because there will be two people working to make that happen.

That’s most of America.

That’s not RE/MAX.  There were TONS of RE/MAX agents who were part of the 100% club.  Meaning that they had earned at least $100k but hadn’t gotten to $250k.  I’m talking at LEAST 1/4 of the room.  And there were only about 500 agents there.  There were DOUBLE that many who earned the entry-level award for those making $50k to $100k.

So this whole thing about the average real estate agent earning $36k per year and doing only 6 transactions is very much a foreign idea to RE/MAX agents.  That whole thing is just not part of our culture.  Maybe because part-time agents or newbies that want training are not drawn to RE/MAX.  I don’t know.  All I know is that RE/MAX agents fully believe that earning $100,000 per year EVERY year is not out of the ordinary in any way.  It’s clearly common.  You see it front and center at this event when it seems take forever for all the people earning $100k to walk across the stage and just get their award.  No photo op or anything.  Take, shake, walk.  One after another after another.

So again – what a blessing it is to work in an industry where earning $100k per year is expected and $250k+ is well with reach of anyone who wants to put their nose to the grind stone.  There just are not very many positions (even SALES positions) that have that type of income possibility on the table.

Scored the Listing

So the seller I met with earlier this week on the meet-n-greet – I did the full-blown Fearless Agent listing presentation and she signed up.  Her house is dated but she’s realistic about the price the home will be selling because of that.  So that’s good.

She also signed up at 7% with automatic $5,000 price reductions built into the listing contract every 14 days.  The listing contract was for one year.  That’s the Fearless Agent way.  Love it.

So I’m extremely grateful for that.  I needed a win.  Now if I could only get my other cold-call sourced listing under contract…that would be GREAT.

The Numbers

Here’s the one thing you need to take away from this.  Cold calling is a LONG TERM game.  Here I am at day #51 and I JUST took my first listing since starting this new calling campaign way back on December 27th.  Nearly 2 months later.  That’s a LONG time to work without taking a listing.

I have friends cold calling too that have taken listings already this year while cold calling.  But that didn’t happen for me.  And you shouldn’t expect it will happen for you.  You should expect to call for 50 days at LEAST and get ZERO listings until Day 51 and then you won’t be disappointed.

The lions share of all the listings that are going to be taken are going to happen at the tail end of the campaign.  It all pays off in the end.  As long as you don’t quit anyway.  It very very different from Expired/FSBO calling which is a much more “now business” type of approach.  Cold Calling also doesn’t have the wicked competition that those types of leads sources have though (as my own recent experience shows) it is not completely competition free.




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