Day #5

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Today was a bit of a trick bag.  I had a morning appointment that had to be attended that wouldn’t wrap up until 11am.  From there I had to balance a big family day with making these calls.

It was already determined that family day would be broken down into two parts.  The first is that I would be taking them to a meal and to see the new Start Wars movie.  They’ve been chomping at the bit about that and it was time to make good on my promise.  The second was that my wife had determined that New Year’s Eve would be family game night and maybe watch a movie till kids fell asleep or the New Year arrive.

These types of scheduling things create a bit of stress as what is essentially happening is the calendar is getting over loaded.

So we decided to go do the move/meal thing first and that pretty much had me sitting down to call at 5pm.  Evening calling always has a high pickup rate and with more people being home for New Year’s Eve I expected that effect to be enhanced.  And it was.

Unlocking the Power of the Phone

Contact rate was over 30% which resulted in me contacting the full 100 people in just 101 minutes.  That’s pretty fast.  The one lead I connected with said they are DEFINITELY moving in 2016 as soon as the school year wraps up as his wife is a high school teacher and she’s going to retire this year so they can move out of state to be closer to grandchildren.  Told me to call him in April and send info in the mail and stuff.  Nice.  THOSE are the kinds of leads I want more of.

Here’s the stats:






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