Day #49

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Day #49 of 100 Days of Prospecting

Today I did a test run on calling with Mojo from my new office.  You have to budget a day to figure out the quirks that are going to be unique to any calling environment.  This was no different.

What I leaned was that the WIFI at my office is pretty bad.  While running just one dialer the Mojo in-browser latency guage said that response time was pretty bad.  Now this could be because of the computer set up in the office too.  I don’t know.  I don’t know how I’d test that without bringing my beast computer up there…which I don’t plant to do.  My laptop is old and slow itself so it wouldn’t be able to provide perspective.

If it’s the WIFI then there’s little that can be done about that other than buy a new router I guess.  Or ask them to run some CAT5 cable.  Which I doubt they will.  There is no drop ceiling and it’s a historical building so drilling holes might be an issue.

I also discovered that the WIFI is not reliable enough to us m SKYPE number.

I got a new Galaxy S6 phone and in order to give my wife HER phone back to her while running two Mojos my solution was to buy a Skype inbound number, install the Skype app on my old Galaxy S3 phone, and then just use that for my voice connection for Mojo #2.  That was working fine from home but again, it wasn’t working in the office.  The solution to that will be to just use the office landline I guess.  No biggie.

The Numbers

So I scored 50 contacts running one dialer this morning at the office and then another 50 at home in the evening running two.  One lead.








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