Day #42

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Day #42 of 100 Days of Prospecting

Well…there is no doubt in my mind anymore about the situation.  Someone else is cold calling in Royal Oak.  Maybe more than one someone.

Today I had one lady say “You just called me earlier today” and hung up.  So I checked the phone number and, as I guessed, I had NOT called that phone number.  I’d NEVER called it.  This is my first time calling through Royal Oak.

Then, later in the day, some lady told me that we’d already called and I asked if she could elaborate and she said that I was the third real estate agent to call her asking if she was thinking of selling TODAY.

Not this week.  Not this month.  TODAY.

Three calls in one day.

So if others are straight cold calling in the same area I am…that might be a big part of the reason why I’ve gotten ZERO leads so far calling in Royal Oak when I’m more than half done with the entire city.  Not good.

Right now I’m importing more lists for other areas on that side of town but I have a bad feeling that I’m going to get more of the same.  Good thing that I’m about to start doing some Super Farming to supplement my cold calling time.

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