Day #4

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I decided to keep at it today and go for a personal record of 200 contacts.  Made it happen too.  It felt like it took forever.  I didn’t get done until just before 6:30pm though I started just after 9:30am.  For all that effort I only got one 6-12mo lead too.  Seems strange since I had a string of days before Christmas where I got 2 leads per day with just 100 contacts.  I guess it’s time for it to balance out.

Here’s something I’ve learned while cold calling.  You’re never on the phone as much as you think you are.  Various types of “stuff” interjects in productivity.  Mojo said that I had 214 minutes of dialing time and 243 minutes total.  How I ended up with 30 minutes of “lost time” in there I don’t know but the timer doesn’t lie.  You do have to switch lists and stuff but it doesn’t seem like I was “offline” for 25+ minutes doing that.

I think that the BIGGEST problem is lunch.  Which takes way WAY too much time if you ask me.  Here’s the final figures for the day – as you can see, I was a bad boy and didn’t do my follow up calls:




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