Day #35

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Day #35 of 100 Days of Prospecting

I only ran the one dialer today.  Reason?  Because I was importing new lists for new areas.  This takes longer than you’d think it would.  I mean, we’re calling the entire city, so just draw a circle around the whole thing on the map and import the entire thing at once, right?


Whether you use Cole or Mojo Lead Store data they only let you import so many people at one time.  So if you want to do something common sense like, say, chop a city into four pieces and create one list for each quadrant…you can’t do that.  You have to import smaller pieces and then combine them into a single list.  That’s fun.  I guess I could just have my assistant do that.  Oh yeah…I don’t have an assistant.

Anyway, I imported a bunch of contacts from Royal Oak then started CALLING Royal Oak while importing the rest of the city.  I can do stuff like that all at the same time when running one Mojo dialer.  I can NOT do stuff like that while running TWO Mojo dialers.  So just one Mojo dialer today.

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