Day #33

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Day #33 of 100 Days of Prospecting

So today was dominated with a closing.  It was a long time a-commin’ too.  As you can see from the image below, this seller a year and a half ago in July of 2014.  You can see all the follow up that I did.  Listing contract was signed a year later in July of 2015.  Got it under contract and the deal died.  Died after the buyer green-lighted the inspection, after the appraisal came in fine, and after she got the clear to close.  Just walked away on closing day at the tail end of September.

Can you say nightmare?

hanford-contact-logThis particular seller was so upset by that whole thing that it took me a full month to get her back in the saddle and bringing buyers through to look at the house.  When it DID go under contract, she didn’t trust the buyers because of what happened previously and skeptically maintained the belief that the deal would die again all the way until the title company handed her the check at closing.  Only then did she believe the deal was going to happen.  I’m not just saying that either.  That’s what she told me.

Anyway, you can see that it took over 26 follow up touches from the initial contact to the point where the listing was signed.  This proves what I keep saying over and over here.

ALL the money is in the follow up.

Not some of it.  ALL of it.  It’s so rare to find someone ready to go when making a front end cold call through a neighborhood that you should never believe that it’s ever going to happen.  When it DOES happen, you should look at it as if you’d just won the lottery and not expect it to happen ever again.  Maintain this view and you’ll give follow up the proper focus it deserves and you’ll squeeze all the money you can out of the leads you get from your cold calls.

The Numbers

The entire days was dominated with this closing, but I did make the MOST important calls.  The follow up calls.  One previous lead has no longer decided to sell so he goes back into standard calling rotation.  The others didn’t answer.  There are about 15 follow up calls on the docket for tomorrow and I’m going to make 200 front-end cold call contacts.





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