Day #32

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Day #32 of 100 Days of Prospecting

I think I’ve figured out what’s going on.  Take a look at these two images below:


The spreadsheet above represents calling early in the day.  Before 9am.  During the golden hours.  Pickup rate is always higher in the golden hours and today it checked in at 19.4% for Prime Lists, 15.6% for raw, and 17.2% combined.  This still isn’t great since I’ve called Prime lists in the early morning and seen contact rates over FORTY percent.  If you’ve been following along then you know that 30% contact rates for the entire DAY are not unheard of.  So less than 20% contact rate during the best hour of the morning isn’t anything to write home to mom about.  Don’t worry though.  It gets worse….


So at 9:00am the contact rate stood at 17.2% but then, as we see above, it collapsed down to 9.8%.  Less than 10%.  Terrible.

Notice as well that the RAW lists being called on Dialer #2 saw HIGHER contact rates (10.0%) than Dialer #1.

What’s Going On?

Here is what I think is happening.

1) No Phone Dodging – when I first started calling Prime Lists at the beginning of this month, they were chock full of people I’d not spoken with for six months or more.  They were not trying to dodge my phone call in any way.  So keep that in the back of your mind.

2) The Hangup Effect – when I get someone on the phone I say, “Hi, this is Brian Kurtz with RE/MAX real estate…” and then I pause.  This gives them time to process that they are speaking with a real estate agent about a real estate related matter.  When they cough out a confused “Yeah?” I move on to the rest of the script.  BUT…if they hang up right then and there at the pause, then I still count them as a contact.  After all…it can be assumed they knew that I was an agent and that they knew they were going to be talking about real estate and they said, “No I”m not interested in real estate stuff today at all” very clearly by….hanging up the phone.  So they count as a contact.  And they get added to the Prime lists to be called months later.

Now when I stared calling this month in earnest there were about 1,600 people in the Canton Prime list all by itself.  Now there are a bit over 700.  I’ve called through that list top-to-bottom five times now total.  I rotate my caller IDs so that they don’t show up to any particular person for at least 10 days.

So why the low pickup rate?

Well, the 700 people left in the Canton Prime Lists have a very concentrated of non-responsive people.  Maybe I first spoke with them on a weekend.  A weekend call got them moved over to the Prime List side of the house.  But they will NEVER answer again unless it happens to be a weekend, they happen to be home when I call, and are in the same frame of mind to answer that they were when we spoke the first time.  If any of those are off – no pickup.  So there’s probably plenty of those people.

But there’s also the hangup people mentioned before.  Maybe they’re not “hanging up” on people anymore.  Maybe they’ve moved past that and are just not picking up at all.  That could be the case.

My Conclusion

When calling early in the morning I’m contacting the few “highly responsive people” left in those Prime Lists that I just have not contacted this month.  The bulk of the 700 people that are left are going to be bad responders and I can pretty much expect to see more of the same until the calendar turns over and we move February’s Prime List people that are stuck in a holding pattern into the main Prime calling groups for each city I’m prospecting in.

This weekend though I’m going to be importing entire new cities.  So I’ll be switching to calling raw lists ONLY for the foreseeable future.  I might not get around to calling Prime Lists again until April.  With the current performance though…I’m looking forward to making first-pass call throughs on raw lists.





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