Day #31

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Day #31 of 100 Days of Prospecting

There’s not a lot to talk about today.  I ended up only making my most important calls today.  The follow up calls.  But I did make those, didn’t I?

I’m almost at 20,000 dials for this month.  The 3,400 contacts I’ve made just in the past 31 days amounts to about 40% of the ENTIRE group of contacts I made from July to December of 2014.  I wasn’t even running a second dialer for the first half of the month either, so I expect to see the number of contacts go WAY up in February.  Even though it’ll be a short month.

The Bird’s Eye View

So far, in the month of July I’ve connected with 31 leads.  There are 5 calling days left in the month so I’m hoping to put another 5 or 6 into the hopper.  Next month there’s a good possibility that I’ll uncover 60+ leads.  Actually, it’s a really good possibility because I’m going to be importing new numbers and calling raw lists.  So fresh people that I’ve never spoken with before.  And spring is right around the corner.

I’d love to put more listing appointments up on the board…but it’s a process – not an event.  Appointments are almost universally set on follow up calls and you have to have leads in the pipeline to follow up WITH if you’re going to be making those appointment setting follow up calls.

Bottom Line: if I’d been calling in September and October I’d be setting a lot more listing appointments than I am.

The Numbers





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