Day #16

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Day #16 of 100 Days of Prospecting

So I’ve been dedicated about making my calls throughout this 100-day campaign, but I have been TERRIBLE about launching people into the follow up program.  You can get away with this for a short while because nearly ALL of the leads you connect with through cold calling will NOT be putting a sign in the yard for a good number of months.

That being said, you do have to get them put into the CRM and get them into the proper mail sequence/email sequence and follow up call groups.  So that’s the big project for me this evening because, if you take a look below, I’ve somehow found a way to stockpile 43 leads that need to be processed.


Now what does “Launching” a lead entail?  Not overly much really.  Here’s the list:

  1. I create a record for them in Evernote and add their info into it.
  2. Screencap a picture of their home from either Google Maps or Bing Maps and add that to the Evernote Record.
  3. Add them to Realty Juggler and launch them into the right sequential mailer program.
  4. Add them and the picture of their house to Google Contacts so that if they call me I’ll know who I’m talking with when I answer my cell phone should they call.
  5. Add them to Bombbomb for future emails.
  6. If I promised to send them a market report, do that up in Cloud CMA and email via Bombbomb.
  7. Add them to my Sunday video email list in Bombbomb.
  8. Add to the proper future call tag group in Evernote so they don’t fall through the cracks.

It takes about 10 minutes total if they don’t need a Cloud CMA done up.  If they DO need one done up, then it takes 15 minutes.  So not a ton of time on any one…but 43 of them means 430 minutes of admin work.

Seven hours!

So it’s really going to be a two day project to get these guys up and running in follow up.  Truth be told, I’m wondering if mailing to these leads makes sense at all when you look at the big picture.  I’m giving serious thought to NOT mailing people except for the first “Meet-n-Greet” piece.  I’ll save my reasons for for another day though.

The Numbers

It’s freezing cold here in Michigan today.  We had a winter storm come through right after it rained on us so the wold is covered in a layer of ice hidden under snow.  It got down into the single digits last night too where temperature is concerned and only barely clawed it’s way up to 18 degrees for the high.

Why do I tell you this?  Because you’d think that people would be hunkered down in their houses instead of running around taking care of errands.  Apparently not though because, as you can see below, my contact rate was way down again.  Half my calls were to Raw Lists and half to Prime Lists, so there was a mix there, but I’m still confused as to why so few people were picking up on such a stay-in-the-freakin-house kind of day.





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