Weekly Checkins

In addition to the 100 Days of Prospecting daily updates that I post, I’m resuming my weekly and monthly progress reports that I’m going to start referring to as “Check Ins”. I’m doing this because the 100 Day campaign is only going to carry me through to early April and I DO plan on prospecting for the rest of the year. So I need to keep a long-term tracking flow going.

You’ll see from the stats below that this first full week of January turned out to be a record breaker. I made more contacts THIS week than in any prior week since I started tracking my activities. I also connected with more 1-6month leads than ever, prospected for more total HOURS than ever, had a higher contacts-per-hour rate than ever, and a greater overall contact rate than ever.

I made more FOLLOW UP calls than ever too…but have not been able to secure appointments. This is really kind of disappointing. I’ve already done up some “epic” blog posts (that still need to be edited) about why this is the case. I’ll publish those posts up soon because it’s very real and I know that in years to come there are going to be people who decided to give dedicated cold call prospecting a try who are going to read this blog from start-to-finish. They’ll need to know that going through this phase is normal and natural and you have to push through it and actively CHOOSE to ignore all distractions positioned as “advice” from other agents.

In the meantime I’m going to practice what I preach and focus on the process and not the outcome because the prospecting PROCESS is the only thing that I as a real estate agent have any control of. I pledge not to get distracted this year. Cold calling my “One Thing” and I’m sticking to it.
Weekly Numbers


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