First Day Calling FSBOs

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Adventures in Cold Calling #46

Today was the first day that I actually picked up the phone and started calling FSBOs.  I made the decision to start in on this back in January and planned to start in February, but – well – doesn’t it seems like everything takes longer than you want it to?  It does to me.

If you’ve been hanging with me for a bit you’ve probably alredy figured out that I’m a systems guy.  I hate jumping head-first into things without having a proper plan, not just for the standard stuff that the gurus teach you to handle, but all the little stuff that they don’t even talk about but which matters and if left ignored will gum up the works of the entire program and bring it to a screeching halt.  That’s me.

Throughout the month of February I figured out how I was going to track all the FSBOs on the various FSBO sites, the process for onboarding them into Mojo, how I would call them on different days during the week at different times to increase contact rate, scripts for the initial contact, what I’d do if the initial contact didn’t produce an appointment and exactly how I’d move them into this next phase of follow up…and a truck-load of other stuff.

Heading in today I was feeling pretty confident.  But I still found myself battling…

Call Reluctance

This is really weird because I’m the guy COLD calling.  I’ve dialed more than 54,000 phone numbers since I started and have talked to thousands of people, so you’d think that call reluctance would be something that I’d already put behind me.  Apparently not.

Anyway, I onboarded 13 FSBOs from one of the towns I’m focusing on for today’s “test run”, put the dialer to work, and went at it.

Initial Discoveries

Here’s something that I discovered that stuck me as strange.  FSBOs don’t answer their phones.

Weird, right?  I mean, they want to sell their house.  At least they say they do.  So why are they not answering their phones?  Because real estate agents have called them in the past?  So what.  Realtors have wacky, bad credit buyers who thing their God’s gift to all agents and that we should kiss the ground they walk on calling us all the time.  We’re dealing with that every daisy.

It gets better.

None of them called me back!  Now I didn’t leave a message, but I had a few people call me today and I didn’t recognize their number and they didn’t leave a message either but I called them back at the number they called from.  Why?  Because that’s the real estate bidness.

Srrs Bidness

So all-in-all I was able to talk with 5 out of 13 people.  One asked me to call back later, two told me that they signed with an other agent and the house was going live in the MLS this weekend, and the last two I was able to actually have a real conversation with.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I discover that this is pretty typical.

Daily Call Tracker

04 March 2015 Call Tracker

Let me just put it out there that the 1 appointment I was able to schedule was NOT from the FSBOs I called today.  It was actually a cold call lead I first connected with back in October and who’s been on my monthly mailer program.  They called and want me to come by an that call came in about halfway through the afternoon.

I spent the morning pretty much practicing my scripts and getting myself over the mental hangups and call reluctance that go hand-in-hand with doing something new.  I tend to like food though and I knew that this first list was a short run so I made the commitment to not eat any lunch until I had called through the entire list once.

In the end the whole thing went rather well.  It was more stressful than others made out though.  Both of the people I talked with seemed to think that they had this whole For-Sale-by-Owner thing in the bag.  I stayed true to my script but it didn’t translate into appointments.  I knew my lines, but the FSBOs just didn’t seem able to stay on script like good little sellers.

On the sunny side, I watched one of Colton Lindsay’s newest videos and had a bit of a realiztion.  This guy is in the top 1% of all agents who work the phones as their primary means of earning new business and this guy got SHUT DOWN back-to-back-to-back by a series of FSBOs – and he got it all on video.

When I watched that it became clear to me that I’m going to have to call these FSBO people more than once and have multiple conversations with them before they’re going to give up an appoitment.  That being the case I decided I wanted to get the email address up front.  So I whipped up a little script that I bolted to the end of the Fearless Agent FSBO Script that I planned to use to snag the prospect’s email address when it became clear that an appointment was not going to happen on the first call.  It worked like a charm and, if you want, you can use it yourself.  Here you go, feel free to copy-n-paste:

Okay. Well <name>, you may or may not know this – but the vast majority of all folks like yourself who are trying to get the house sold without leveraging the marketing and efforts of a real estate agent – they decide to change their mind AT. SOME. POINT.

Now I don’t know if that’s going to be the case with you guys but if you DO decide to double back and reconsider joining forces with an agent – I’d like to apply for the job.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to email you my resume and a list of references that you can call if you. so. choose. That way you’ll have ALL the information on hand that you might need if you decide to reconsider. Where should I send that to?

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