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Adventures in Cold Calling #45

My intention was to launch into Expired/FSBO calling today.  That did not happen.   There were things behind the scenes that derailed that idea.  I didn’t really want to lose the entire day’s worth of prospecting though, so I did my standard 100-contacts-per-day cold calling routine.

Who knew that I would end up with a new personal best in both the contact rate and the dials-per-hour?

02 March 2015 Cold Call Tracker

No leads though.  Which was slightly disappointing.

Part of what I was doing “in the background” was cleaning up Mojo.  It was ridiculously cluttered with busted groups and unused lists and all kinds of other junk.  Also, if you’ve read this blog for a while then you know that back when I first started I put all of my “far off from doing anything” leads (the 6-12 month ones) into a holding bucket.  At that time I didn’t have a follow up system in place and was spending time building my cold calling method, building the follow up system, and actually making calls.  There just wasn’t enough time to handle the leads that were further out from listing.

I went in and cleaned that mess up.  For the most part, I just added them all into this month’s check-in-by-phone lead follow up group in Mojo.  I’m going to essentially requalify them before adding them into my active follow up system.

Making a Change

[insert_php] $path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; $path .= “/images/fbpromo.html”; include_once($path); [/insert_php]Considering where I’m at in this whole phone prospecting/follow up gig, I think that I’m actually going to completely scrap the idea of adding the 6-12 months leads into my mail follow up sequence.  Originally I thought that it would give me a much-needed head-start where building familiarity and mind share is concerned.  Now I think that there are just not going to be enough hours in the day.

Expired and FSBO follow up is going to quickly dominate most of what I do.  There won’t be time to follow up with ALL the FSBO leads, ALL the Expired leads, and all more 1-6 month cold calling leads.  Oh, did I mention that I’m going to be running some Facebook ads for seller leads in the near future too?  Yeah…I gotta follow up with them to.

So when I get a 6-12 month lead I’m going to add them to my monthly newsletter (all done for me and stuff) so that they start getting SOMETHING from me.  I’ll also be putting them into a Just Sold campaign…but that has to be built still.

Anyway though…I cracked the 50% contact rate ceiling though.  Pretty killer.

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