Calling During Dinner Time

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Adventures in Cold Calling #44

I went on an appointment today.  Seller who is also a buyer.  Excellent house that comes complete with great people who have pride of ownership in the current house and neither unrealistic expectations about the price on selling the current place nor on buying the next one.  Praise God.  You can only pray for great people to work with like this.

That being said, when I booked the appointment back on Saturday evening, I wasn’t thinking straight and pegged our meet-up time right smack-dab in the middle of the morning which killed the possibility of making my morning calls.

At first I thought I could do both.  Prep for the appointment AND do calls.  It’s a good thing that I didn’t try that as it always takes way longer to do the work up on the materials for these appointments than I want it to.

The result is that I was looking at having to make my calls in the evening.  Something I don’t really look forward to even though the pickup rate can be pretty awesome.  I just tend to be more tired and you know that you’re going to be interrupting people during dinner which is never well received.  Even my super-short script isn’t short enough under such circumstances.

I did get on the phone and here’s the results…


Daily Call Tracker

25 February 2015 Cold Call Tracker

So I only made it to the halfway point today.  Not very happy about that.  I did get one lead though.  I set an appointment for Friday too.  Technically I set it late YESTERDAY when I got a phone call from one of my follow up mailers but I had already locked in the tally by the time the appointment was penciled in for Friday evening, so I counted it in today’s numbers.

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