Cold Calling Time Out

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Adventures in Cold Calling #36

Sure, I could just post thing when I’m feeling chipper and positive. I could give you a bunch of rah-rah crap designed to help perpetuate the myth that you need to be at 100% all the time charging forward to take what is yours.

That’s not the real world. At least it’s not mine.

Here’s how I feel right now. I took sick last month and only really could be considered “fully recovered” the day before yesterday. I started feeling overwhelmed at the tail end of September with that reality really crashing over me in Mid-October. I’ve pretty much been playing catch-up since then and it’s had a negative effect.

[insert_php] $path = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; $path .= “/images/fbpromo.html”; include_once($path); [/insert_php]I’ve stopped getting up early and taking my dog for a walk and so have not been getting any exercise. Add in emotional eating and adding sweet drinks back into the mix and the result is I’ve packed on a good amount of weight and erased all the gains I made in that department this year. I’m guessing it’s 15 pounds in the last 90 days. So that’s pretty demotivating.

My wife has been REALLY ill with one thing after then next for the past two months as well and my kids have decided that being highly disruptive when I’m in the middle of trying to focus on business is only the natural thing to do. So those things are supercharging my negativity.

No hunting for me this year and the last time fishing was a back in the summer. I’ve even lost a lot of my interest in going to church…which I’ve always been passionately engaged in.

Truth be told, I feel like I want to take the rest of the year off. Of course THAT makes me feel guilty, because all the winners push hard through the end, right? At least that’s what all the coaches lead us on to believe.

The Most Frustrating Thing

Those things aside though, my follow up log jam is THE most frustrating thing I’m dealing with right now.

I went out and handed out a bunch of packets and got to speak to at least half of the prospects who’s doors I knocked on. So that’s good, but on the other hand I have 104 leads in Mojo that need to be expored to my follow up system.

One. Hundred. And Four.

There are 15 that have been “marked” as higher quality leads. The rest were leads but I chose to put them on the shelf because I was overwhelmed and they didn’t rank high enough to get moved to the front of the line regardless of the overabundance of work on my plate.

Either way, there’s a ridiculous amount of catching up to do.

Cold Calling Is on Pause

This blog is designed to give all who come after me who are giving serious thought of prospecting for real estate leads by phone the “real deal” about what all is involved. I’m not sugar-coating anything.

Perhaps you’re reading this in 2020 or even later. You stumbled across this blog and are reading hundreds of posts going back over the course of years. You want to know what you’re going to be facing, both good and bad, before signing up for a course of action which requires a full 1-year commitment before you can really determine if it’s a viable approach to the real estate business.

Let me share one of these nuggets of truth. I’ve already touched on it before. This isn’t a one-man job.

Without help, there will come a point where the number of leads in your pipeline will preclude you from being able to effectively conduct INTENSE lead follow up. At that point, you have to make a decision. Do you catch up on follow up and put cold calling on hold, or do you keep calling and stuffing more leads into the pipeline that you can’t properly follow up with?

You’ll have to make that call yourself, but me? I’m suspending cold calling entirely until my follow up is caught up completely. That includes prepping materials, doing the visits, and making the follow up phone calls to the “maybe” leads that have stacked up over time.

Don’t kid yourself. You’re going to need to get a follow up coordinator. As soon as possible. They are going to be your most valuable team member.

Call Tracker

Here are the most recent report cards. Obviously, the numbers are all down. Zero calls on Monday and zero calls yesterday. The other days I stopped calling at 11:00am regardless of whether or not I had reached my 100 cold call contacts or not.

I still got 5 seller leads in the first week of December. I’ll take it.

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