Black Friday – One For the Record Books

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Adventures in Cold Calling #35

So Black Friday has come and gone with a BANG. Thinking that a lot of people would be home for the four day weekend, I decided to do a marathon of cold calling to try and get in touch with as many people to try and make up for some of the days lost to sickness this month.

People might have been rather crazy at the stores, but I didn’t get any super-jerks on the other end of the line today though I did get someone who was taking a nap. It was an Asian guy and When he picked up and I launched into the super-short script he responded with:

“Oh, so sorry. We are sleeping now. We just come from the shopping.”

It just struck me as funny.

My target goal was to contact 300 people. I decided to break this up into three blocks of 100 contacts each. I’d do one in the morning, take a break and do the second one in the early afternoon, take a longer break and wrap up with the final one in the late afternoon/early evening.

It seems to have worked out well. If you take a look at the report cards below you’ll see that I set new Personal Records for a bunch of categories including total dials, total time spent calling, and (of course) total number of contacts in one day. I also scored 5 leads…which is what it’s all about, right?

One thing that didn’t go according to plan though was the contact ratio. I really thought that I would see a contact ratio higher than 30% but that didn’t happen. Early in the day I was cranking at the big 3-0 but then later the pickup rate fell off Instead it was closer to the 20% mark.

Daily Call Tracker

Also, let’s not forget Wednesday. I did my 100 contacts the day-before Thanksgiving too an interestingly enough, I DID set a PR for contact ratio. Call rate was great at 25.4% which is the new high bar for that daily metric.

Finally, my call session today put me over the 10,000 dials-for-the-month marker, which means I qualified for the 3-months free Mojo service per the November contest. It’s something I wanted to do and thought it would be simple from my previous month’s worth of calling…but the sick days meant that I didn’t make it to 12,000 and just hit the 10,000 mark on the last day I was scheduled to do my cold calling.

I don’t plan on calling tomorrow as I have a lot of info-packs that need to go out and I’d like to see if I can get them all done tomorrow. I’m planning on getting up early and printing out a bunch of them. We’ll all check back tomorrow and see if I follow through on that.

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