Black Friday Blueprint

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Adventures in Cold Calling #32

91-likesI think it was Studiopress, a maker of WordPress themes, who put out some type of promotion hitching their cart to the “Black Friday” horse. They sent me the email before Halloween. Since November 1st I’ve been seeing Black Friday references here and there as I go about my day.

Now I’ve never really been a Black Friday type of person myself. My wife has braved the early madness a couple of times. She went to a Midnight sale once at Toys R’ Us and promptly turned around when she saw the line of people wrapped around the building being buffeted by freezing winds. Three or four years ago when the Midnight sale first kicked off, I went to Old Navy and, upon seeing the crazy line stretched out as far as the eye could see, I promptly went home.

This year though, I’m thinking of giving Black Friday a second chance.

Not that I’m going to head out out to the killing fields, er shopping malls…but rather I’m thinking about running a cold calling marathon that day. Think about it, people are either going to be shopping or they are going to be home. It’s going to be like getting an extra Saturday next week. I’ll be able to use Evening/Weekend lists that have been called through once and I bet I’ll still get a 20% contact rate. I might even set a few personal records.

Now let me say that this is all in the early idea stages. I have not spoken with Christina to find out what her plans are for that day and when I do it’s entirely possible that I’ll discover that my schedule for Thursday clean through to Sunday has already been penciled in for me. I’ll keep you posted though.

Cold Call Tracker

It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve posted the results of my cold calling efforts. You may recall that I was sick last week and ended up having to go to urgent care. I had experienced one of these sever sinus infections before when I was in the Marine Corps, so I knew what it was. I was quickly prescribed some antibiotics and was on my way back to health.

The only problem was that I lost my voice which made the 12th a zero-call day. I also had a day where I only ended up with 99 contacts instead of 100. All-in-all, The number of leads is down but pickup rate is pretty good. I’m hoping the trend continues through the end of the month.

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