AICC #30 – I Hear Deaf People

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Before cold calling, I was completely unaware how many elderly people there are out there who are hard of hearing. There are a LOT of them. There are days where I have difficulty communicating with 12 to 15 out of the 100 I speak to because their hearing is so bad.

The first sign that you’ve got someone who’s deaf on the other end of the line is when you hear the TV blaring in the background. I don’t know why people who can’t hear love TV so much, but they do. My guess is that most of them are retired and have little to do all day. In any case, when you can hear the news more clearly than the person on the line, get ready to speak loudly.

At this point I divide the semi-deaf people into two groups:

1) Workable – when I go through my script I will have people ask me to repeat what I just said. I usually know that they have hearing problems so I’ll speak louder. If they can understand me, then I treat them as any other lead.

2) Unworkable – these people don’t understand what I’m saying even the second time around. They don’t understand ANYTHING. You can’t even tell them goodbye and have them comprehend it. They’ll ask you if you’re a contractor, if you’re a friend who wants to go fishing…any number of odd things. These are pretty much the only people I hang up on. When I come across these types of people, they get assigned to a “Deaf” group in Mojo which helps ensure I won’t ever call them back. As they never understood what I was saying, they can’t be count as a leads, so they don’t go toward the day’s tally of contacts.

Contest Update

7 November Mojo Contest Stats

Mojo Contest Standings – Nov 7th

Craig McClelland is far out in front of everyone else. There has been speculation that he might be calling with a theme on the Big Cold Calling thread, but I disagreed with that. If Craig was calling with a team, then he should have the same type of impressive numbers in both September and October.

It could be that he’s calling with a team who are all using his main account in series, but for the same reason cited above, I don’t think that this is true.

I won the contest two months in a row, but this month things are different. People seem more excited and are calling far more aggressively. If I made 1,000 dials tomorrow and nobody else bothered to call I would still only fall into 3rd place, just behind Lucky. The change in behavior on the part of the other participants might be that this month’s contest has a better prize (3 months free Mojo service for anyone who make 10,000 dials), it might be that the busy months are behind us and people have more time to call, or it might just be that people are realizing what can be done by seeing the numbers published for all to see and are trying to put their best foot forward.

Cold Call Tracker

I didn’t make it to 100 calls today. I had to show one of my own listings today. The one furthest from my home office. I take my responsibilities to my sellers seriously. When someone calls and the initial qualifying questions indicate that there is someone who is both ready, willing, and able to make an offer.

So that appointment was at 1:30 and a full hour away which put departure time at 12:30. So I called off calls at 11:30 so I would have enough time to get ready, prep everything for the showing, and also organize all the materials for my Personal Visit follow up stops which were to be done afterward.

Calling is on the docket for tomorrow (Saturday) and need 118 contacts in order to fill out 500 for the week. I intend to get them all tomorrow.

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