AICC #27 – We’re All The Same To Them

Posted By on Oct 30, 2014 |

Every now and then I’ll contact someone that tells me that I just called and they ask to be taken off the list – again. Here’s the weird thing though…I’ve never called them before. ¬†Ever. ¬†

In fact, right now I’m still calling new areas. I’ve never called ANYONE in ANY of the neighborhoods I’m calling. These people sound so confident though that I will stop the calling session and then do some research. Every time Mojo indicates that the phone number in question is only attached to one record and that the record has only been called once – the one call in question where I was told that I had called before.

So who was it that they spoke to when they asked to be removed from the list?

This experience has me thinking that two things are happening here:

#1) Other Agents Are Calling – I don’t know if they’re using the same method of calling that I am, but they ARE calling. They’re also calling consistently enough that “real estate calls” are no longer completely forgettable anymore.

#2) They Think We’re All The Same – as I’ve never called these neighborhood ever in my life, I certainly have NOT called the individuals who swear that I HAVE recently called them. This means that somehow the homeowners are “bundling” all real estate agents who call into the same mental group. We are pretty much all the same to them. My guess it they probably have two of these bundles. There is the Male Voiced Real Estate Caller and the Female Voiced Real Estate Caller.

In any case, if you decided to try you hand at cold calling, don’t be surprised when this happens. It just goes with the territory and I’m sure that if we did some cognitive psychology studies on this pattern of behavior we would learn a little bit about how the brain works in regards to sifting and sorting unfamiliar people into mental categories.

Cold Calling Activity Report

Both yesterday and today has some interesting commonalities. First of all, they both pulled zero leads. Second, they both ended up with a 20.2% contact rate. Weird.

I also had a rather high number of people who told me that they didn’t want me to call back. One of those that I got today was rather colorful. He was one of these types where they’ve moved more than two year ago but their phone number was transferred or something. He told me as such and I said that I was sorry I inconvenienced him and told him to have a nice day. At this point he jumped in and cursed me out and hung up the phone. Almost as if he knew that I was going to hang up (which I was) and he wanted to make sure he was able to jam in there and make a quick stab with his verbal sword before running away.

It was befuddling and left me thinking, “Dude…are you serious? What are we, fourteen years old or something?”