In this day and age, real estate marketing techniques are focused on blogging, SEO, pay-per-click, social media, face-to-face networking, and traditional print marketing.  Classical real estate prospecting methods for acquiring seller leads such as cold calling and door knocking are considered outdated, ineffective, and looked on with distaste.

Regardless of the current sentiment, the facts do not lie…

Cold Calling Works!

Conducting simple surveys by phone is the fastest way to acquire seller leads.  Specific price points can be targeted and efforts can be focused in a smaller geographic area in order to create a distinct awareness in the minds of local residents.  It can be consistently employed and can be delegated to associates without requiring extensive training.  It is also extremely cost effective.

All-in-all, the downsides to prospecting for real estate leads by phone are heavily outweigh by its distinct advantages.

No prospecting program is complete without a proper follow up plan.  After all, what good is it to identify those who are going to sell if those leads are never properly contacted over time in order to secure the eventual trust and business of those sellers?

Here at Elite Real Estate Prospecting, you’ll find the insider secrets for using old-school methods to successfully build your business in the New Millennium.