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Day #30

Day #30

Posted By on Jan 25, 2016

Day #30 of 100 Days of Prospecting

Today was an odd day.  Very odd.  Take a look at this chart here:


This is what my stats looked at at around 11:15am when I broke off the initial calling session for the day.  Notice that the contact rate was ridiculously low.  Under 10% kinda low.  Look at the right of the chart and notice that it was that low for BOTH Dialer #1 and Dialer #2.  Now Dialer #1 was calling through my prime lists and Dialer #2 was calling through raw lists.  So we can’t attribute he low pickup rate to calling a higher or lower quality list.  They both did poorly.

Notice also the “No Contact” level.  Also known as the “Answering Machine” figures, it was off the chart.  Normally, the number of answering machines you connect with is about 3x the number of contacts you’ll make.  Today it was FIVE times as high.  It was just unbelievable the number of people NOT answering the phone.  High answering machine rates tell you that the data is pretty solid too.  You have to be dialing an active phone number in order to get an answering machine after all.  The people live there…they just were not answering today.

These Days Happen

Days like this are frustrating.  There’s no rhyme or reason for what’s happening that is holding you back and you can either choose to “grit down” and “do whatever it takes” to get those contacts in….or you can choose not to.  Or you can have the choice made for you.  I had an appointment this afternoon and then had to pick the kids up from school, so once  I was done with calls at 11:15 I knew that me making a full 200 contacts on a day when nobody was answering (because the stars were crossed against me) was not going to happen.

WHEN (not IF) that happens, you can either choose to get frustrated and down on yourself…or you can just roll with the punches and not care.  I suggest taking the latter course of action.  Getting hung up on numbers isn’t going to make you a happy person in the long run.

Good Leads

I did get back on the phone and make a few more calls in the evening, but didn’t get a lot in.  The pickup rate ended at 10% even which means that it got SLIGHTLY better when calling after 4:00pm when I made a handful of calls before wrapping up the day.

Now even though I didn’t even make a full 100 contacts today (only made 83) I did get TWO leads.  Both of them are good too.  And by “good” I mean they are moving out of state so I can list their house and don’t have to help them buy anything.  Both indicated they want to have a sign in the yard in May.  And yes, I did ask if they “wanted to be moved in May or getting started” and they did NOT want to be actually moving until the summer.

So not a bad day all-in-all.

The Numbers





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Day #29

Day #29

Posted By on Jan 24, 2016

Day #29 of 100 Days of Prospecting

From now on, Sunday is officially Follow Up Call Day.  There’s a lot of stuff that has to happen on Sunday.  This includes family stuff like church but also stuff like getting my weekly email out.  That’s part of the “Email Weekly, Snail Mail Monthly, Phone Call Every 90 Days” recipe for success.

I do a Bombbomb video email and I record it Sunday after getting back from church.  Other stuff like birthday parties, visits to grandma, and all that other stuff tends to happen on Sunday too.  It seems clear to me now that I’m over committing.  So from now on I’m going to just switch gears and make the most IMPORTANT calls (the follow up calls) only when Sunday rolls around.

On a side note, I can’t even IMAGINE how people consistently do open houses on Sundays.  They must not go to church.  That’s all I can think of.

The Numbers






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Day #28

Day #28

Posted By on Jan 23, 2016

Day #28 of 100 Days of Prospecting

In my numbers tracking I’m going to start posting up the daily numbers showing the stats for each of the dialers individually.  The reason is to get an idea for why contacts rates and such fluxuate.

For example, on the Big Cold Calling Forum Thread, Lucky and other are saying that they saw their contact rate double once they went to two Mojo dialers.  I have not.  Why is that?

Well part of the reason is I don’t have two handsets with easy-access to mute buttons.  When running two dialers on two headsets you have two choices to make when you end up with to people on the line:

Option #1) Keep talking to whoever you connected with first and hang up on the other person.


Option #2) Try to fandango the mute button on your phones in such a way that you have conversations with two people at once.

Each to his own but I’m an Option #1 kinda guy myself.  I don’t even have an easy-access mute button on my cell phone.  Sure, it’s there, but the screen goes dark after a while and it’s not easy access.  Furthermore, I’m just not going to bother trying to do that.  So it’s hang-ups for me.

My guess is that by the time I get to 200 contacts I end up “flushing” about 20 contacts – max.  Might be less.

Other Contributing Factors

While it is true that my contact rate is going to go down because I hang up on a few people I don’t think that’s the main reason why it takes 4 hours on average to connect with 200 people with two dialers instead of 3 hours.  I think that it has to do with list quality.

Right now I’m calling Prime Lists with my left headset and raw lists with the right.  The raw lists are really performing rather poorly.  Under 15% most of the time and dipping all the way down to the 10% mark on a “bad day”.  The Prime list contact rate will push up towards 30% contact rate and drop to 20% or 21% on a bad day.

How I have the tracking set up though the two are blended together when tallying up the daily totals.  So there’s nothing to there to give perspective on how contacting the two different types of lists are impacting contact rate and, subsequently, contacts-per-hour.

Which is why I’m going to start plotting these out as we move forward from here.

The Numbers

If you look below you’ll see that Dialer #1 (running on Prime Lists) saw a contact rate of 15.6%.  As most of the flushed contacts were on this dialer there were probably 10 more people I could have talked with.  That would have pushed the contact rate to 17.7% on that dialer.  Nothing earth-shattering.

Dialer #2 (running on raw lists) performed predictably with the contact rate down at 13.2%.  I’ll address WHY that’s the case more in upcoming posts.

Finally, let me say that I didn’t double-dial today except for the tail end of the day.  I’m using my wife’s cell phone as my second line and she had it with her this morning…which is why there’s only 63 minutes of dial time for Dialer #2 as compared to 163 minutes for Dialer #1.

Also, I ended up splitting the day into two calling sessions.  Morning and afternoon with 100 minutes being done in the morning and 63 in the afternoon.  That being said, the Prime List pickup rate today was terrible all around.  It’s a weekend day and the pickup rate was nowhere near 30%.  I believe that this may have something to do with the Caller ID number that’s displayed….but we’ll explore that more as time goes on.





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Day #27

Day #27

Posted By on Jan 22, 2016

Day #27 of 100 Days of Prospecting

Good vibes today.  I ended up with a good workflow, scored a lead, and am prepping myself for tomorrow’s listing appointment.

While I did set a new personal record for number of dials, because I’m setting contact-focused goals…that’s not really a good thing.  All it means is that it took me MORE dials to get the same 200 contacts.  Which isn’t ideal.  But whatever.

I don’t really have any pithy words of wisdom for the day.  So just keep calling and things will work out just fine in the end.

The Numbers




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Day #26

Day #26

Posted By on Jan 21, 2016

Day #26 of 100 Days of Prospecting

Technical difficulties.  I run into them.  If you start cold calling for real estate leads you’ll run into them too.

Today the Mojo Dialer decided to give me some hiccups.  This happens every now and then.  It’s been happening less often of late.  Which is good.  In fact, this is the first time since I’ve started the 100 Days of Prospecting campaign that I’ve had to bring it up, isn’t it?

So I got a late start today and while I was calling Mojo would kick me out of my dialing session and I’d have to re-launch it.  Then I’d make another 15 contacts and it would do it again.  In the past I’d get pissed off and just keep doing it over and over again until I reached the day’s goal for contacts.  Now I don’t bother.  Nothing like this in this business is worth getting stressed out about.

Experience shows that I just put in a support ticket online, the Mojo wizards work their magic behind the scenes, and the next day I don’t have to deal with the issue again.


Good News


Even though the contact count was low today, I did set an appointment for Saturday.  These are “must sell” sellers too as they’ve already purchased their new home a good hour away and are already in the middle of the moving process and want someone to get the home on the market for them sooner than later.  I have a good feeling about this one.

I also got word that the TRID paperwork all went out on time for my closing next week.  I like how this is set up so that there’s no more working all the details out at the last minute nonsense anymore.  Everyone getting  a mortgage gets a nice-n-easy buffer week between the time the final figures are worked up by the title company and closing day.  It should have been like this years ago.  As long as it closes.  Part of me will remain skeptical until the paperwork is signed, and the closing packages are handed out to everyone.


The Bad News

I want to be upfront with you guys. There’s a bunch of really negative stuff going on in my life right now. Personal stuff. Discouraging stuff. This is all made worse by Facebook where all the Realtors that I seem to know are doing victory laps and appear to be living the charmed life.

That is not me right now. At all. I’m on the road to success and it’s not an easy road to walk.

I believe that things are going to turn out GREAT for me where business is concerned. Where building a great life for me and mine is concerned. So maybe you’re reading this in 2017 or later and are going through a tough spot in life yourself and my newer posts sound like life is all roses and I’m doing my OWN victory lap every day. Maybe that’s what my later writing sounds like.

Let it forever be known though, that in the beginning of 2016 things were NOT particularly good where I stand right now on January 21st. Things sucked on that particular day. And I want my work to have a lot more impact and a lot more punch and a lot more effectiveness in reshaping my circumstances in such a way that life does NOT suck the way it sucks right now.

That can only happen though if I continue to focus on my One Thing day in and day out regardless of whether the day “feels like a good day” or “feels like a bad day”. My “One Thing”.

Cold call prospecting for seller leads.

So if you’re reading this and are in a similar position, I suggest you ignore the things you can’t control and focus on the things you CAN control. Since you CAN control how many calls you make every day, go ahead and settle in and focus on that. And rock your One Thing.


The Numbers







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