Posts made in August, 2015

If you are in the real estate business, then you inevitably find yourself swimming in what I call “marketing ponds”.  You tune into and follow people who put themselves out there as having a lot to say about all things related to getting new customers.  This includes real-estate specific gurus and coaches such as Mike Ferry and Bob Loeffler of Fearless Agent but might also include more generalized marketing experts such as Dan Kennedy.  Of couse, being that social media has taken over the world, you probably know about people like Gary Vaynerchuck as well.

Gary is one of the most recognizable faces in the get-business-via-social-media universe.  Gary is a part-owner in his family’s wine store in New Jersey but his ticket to internet stardom came from doing a DAILY YouTube video podcast where he reviewed wines and used the exposure to get people to visit his store’s website where they bought wine.  And they bought a LOT of it.  After that, Gary branched off and became one of the leading voices in the social media marketing space and has subsequently written more three books about social media marketing (all of which you should read) as well as creating a consulting company that helps show big brands how to use social media effectively.

Gary V has a lot of great things to share which is why you should follow him on Facebook, but the mini-post he just put up today really seems to take the cake.  At least in my mind.  It reflects something that I’ve been saying for a while now but which it seems (at least to me) most Realtors simply do NOT get.   The screen cap below shows the post from Gary and I’ve edited it to bring out the point that Gary made which I say needs to be at the center of everything that you do – not just in business, but in life. (here’s a link to the original post) and represents what you, as a real estate agent, need to be thinking about from Day #1 in your business.  Read Gary’s words and then jump to the bottom of this post and I’ll explain more about why this is so important…

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